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Next-level Recruitment Services addressing challenging client issues daily!
What Year was Brewington Exec Group Inc. founded?

Founded in September 2013 and located near the downtown area of Raleigh, N.C.  One of the fastest-growing business development places in the United States, and our team at Brewington Exec Group are proud to be a part of economic growth as we look to bring employers and job seekers one step closer to reaching their project goals.

Mission Statement

Brewington Exec Group where real dreams come true for each of our employees! We strive to listen with an open-door policy as there is no separation between management, account managers, and recruiters. We strive to bring each client the same level of concentration in order to help pave the way for their future success. They depend on us, and we depend on them! We value ourselves here at Brewington Exec Group as being Honest, Trustworthy, and Dependable. Our focus is to bring a high level of understanding to our client’s concerns and in return come back with a sure solution to their requirements.

Our core concerns also shift in the balance between assisting great candidates in finding their next dream job through Brewington Exec Group. This is done by providing excellent consultations in the areas of resume critiques, proper ways to resign from a client, how to go about gaining a raise, best practices for developing their skills, and how to take their position to the next level.  The strong foundation of time management and successful Applicant Tracking System tool allows Brewington Exec Group to efficiently demonstrate our ability to be of service to both our clients and candidates while being able to go beyond the call of duty to ensure both parties are equally entertained.

Our mission here at Brewington Exec Group is to successfully impact every client and every candidate in such a way that we’re unforgettable!

Vision Statement

Brewington Exec Group Inc.'s future has solely been based on how well we treat our employees. Having a plan that is capable of breading growth. Taking the extra steps to redefine our processes, training, and how we go about doing business as time changes. Do not be afraid of change has been the owner of Brewington Exec Group's motto. Within the confined walls here at Brewington Exec Group is a team of dedicated people that ensure we’ll are on the same page. Being accountable and standing on the true essence of hard work has allowed us to extend our reach outside of the state of North Carolina to become a nationwide recruitment firm. Ideally, a global reach will soon be the outcome of our business plan as we seek to bring passionate recruiting to every client we encounter.

Now with the ability to work remotely allows us to extend our outreach far beyond having 1 building at a time. Our core value is in our employees and having the ideal work environment will successfully allow us to grow rapidly doing these difficult times. Giving our employees the room to become business owners is a sure way to prove we’re all about growth. Providing a foundation for each employee to stand on is what we’re all about at Brewington Exec Group Inc. Handing them the tools and the training to allow them to start from the ground up will aid in providing exceptional recruitment services to every client they come across.

The path which has been traveled by the owner at Brewington Exec Group Inc. A path with many trials and tribulations allowed for clear clarity as to how to overcome and project our employees’ goals in the upward direction necessary to be successful. The next major move for the company will be to open other corporate locations that support hybrid work habits until the future requires employees to return full-time to work. Growth and Success will always be upon great working habits and that’s what we at Brewington Exec Group strive for now and in the future.

Corporate Core Values 

At Brewington Exec Group we are committed to helping children who are less fortunate. Our goal is to aid families in the areas of clothes, food, and education.

Charitable Foundations to be announced!



"Love for the Job Creates Perfection at the Worksite"

In today's workforce establishing trust with our candidates is an important part of the process! Having complete transparency via our recruitment team allows for Brewington Exec Group to pave the way to creating that perfect job experience for our candidates! To see that action, allow us to show you in person first hand! For more details

Contact Us
James Harvey
James Harvey
Randy Brewington is the very definition of an entrepreneur. I know very few people with his drive, thirst for success, and comprehensive knowledge of creating opportunities. Randy is a recruiting industry expert that brings strategic insight and leadership, which are instrumental to his success. He also posses a rare set of skills and experiences that span some of the most challenging industries in the talent acquisition field, including: metrics creation/management, strategic sourcing, and recruiting implementation. Randy brings all this together both professionally and personally with a human touch that is second to none. If you are presented with an opportunity to work with Randy – grab it!
Steve White
Steve White
Diversity Resource Staffing Inc.
Working with Randy always brings great results. I have gone to him on many occasions to assist me in filling some pretty difficult specialty positions and Randy has always provided strong quality candidates. He is reliable and great to work with.
Jennifer Coggins
Jennifer Coggins
Coggins Technical Associates
Randy is a wonderful Business Partner when it comes to JD Edwards and PeopleSoft he knows your skillset well and exacly how to place you before Clients where you can be of service to them and be happy. I've worked with Randy's Agency Arion Systems I would say since 2004 ocassionally when I was seeking Contracts. Randy would say this is for Jennifer and he would start looking for me because I'm one that will travel. I would say our latest venture is gathering development work GAAP Analysis on a Project together with 100 Black Business Men of Atlanta, Georgia. We talked about this in 2009 now 2010 is here and we are reaching out to the Communities in Georgia to be of service in the HCM Human Capital Managment area for these business men as well as creating work for the communities within Greater Atlanta, Georgia. So Randy Brewington at Arion Systems comes highly recommended. Jennifer Coggins-Kraus - CEO and Software Application Specialist.

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