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Introducing the CEO of Brewington Exec Group

Introducing the CEO of Brewington Exec Group Inc. I have been in the business since 2006 specializing in Enterprise Resource Planning when I first started in the industry.

I would not call my first official career-oriented job a traditional way I approached it either. Meaning, that I did not go to college and obtain a degree, nor did I intern for serval months before deciding to pursue my career in the staffing world. I officially kicked off my first company back in September 2013 which at the time was called Radar Staffing Inc. 

How it all started 

If I may, I would like to go back to how I was able to land my role working for my brother Michael Brewington at Arion Systems Inc. It wasn’t the first choice to do so either. Following in big brother's steps was a once upon of time type of deal. My means of income before entering the staffing world was nothing short of me being a “Hustler in a town called High Point, NC” knowing that my days were numbered running the streets. I decided to change things up and find a better way I could be of value to not only myself but my family. I had enough of going in and out of jail and numerous court dates. 

Although, I cannot erase the past which ultimately made me who I am today. I felt the need to change what I could and plant better seeds to maintain a much healthier lifestyle. Now if I ever said I did not learn anything while I was in the streets, I would be telling a bold lie indeed. Outside of encountering multiple personalities and quickly finding out who’s got your back and who’s out for themselves. There still were quite a few traits that are still very transparent with me today as I work continuously trying to help my client, as well as my candidates, obtain their dreams of fulfillment. 

I was and all way will be a stand-up type of gentlemen! Integrity and respect for people’s current situations and although I may have worked harder than most or been in better situations growing up. I try to always keep a humble approach to my blessings and be of aid to those whose paths I crossed no matter the environment I am in. With that philosophy, I needed to finetune that and make my line in the sand straighter so that it would reflect more of who I am and be more justifiable to my ways of actions. 

I had to fight tooth and nail to finally get out of the rut I was in with the system it felt almost like if I took two steps in the right direction that life would make me correct the past before I could continue to reap my new benefits from not having to look over my shoulders anymore. 


North Carolina or Atlanta 

I remember the day my brother asked me to come train with him and learn the ropes of recruiting which I had no clue about at the time. Well needless to say I was on probation at the time and technically could not leave the state of North Carolina. Right, I know what you’re thinking! “What are you going to do Randy?” Trust me God had a plan and I needed to have faith and follow that plan if I was going to make it to Atlanta. 

Well, my current probation officer at the time moved to a different division and the state said, “it would be a month or so before I would have anybody overseeing my case.” Perfect I said, so I put in a request to leave the state knowing it would not be answered in a timely fashion, and stated that this was the best job opportunity I could find given my current background record situation, and I left. I did call and inform them of my happenings and had my brother validate the whole thing and reported it accordingly, but I had to take the bull by the horns to get that knowledge and training required to be a good recruiter. 

Here's the catch though, had I known that Michael B was throwing me in the lion’s den and having me cut my teeth with minimum training, I could have stayed my you know what home! He knows I was super computer savvy and mean he and I both are still to this very day! Remember when I said, once upon a time I wanted to follow in his shoes? I did but that’s another whole story about my childhood that I will disclose one of these days! I spent a couple of weeks in jail for the debacle when I returned home for a probation violation, but I worked with my brother for five good years of my life, and I learn a ton of things in the recruiting field. Especially, Enterprise Resource Planning; because my brother was a Peoplesoft Architect consultant our focus was geared towards high-level recruiting for very large organizations. 

Taking Life by the Horns 

All good things come to an end, and I knew one day after all the growing pains we encountered working together that I would need to step out on faith again to start my own journey and seek to become my own man. That journey took me additional two years to figure out and while I pursued construction for a short stint, I knew that wasn’t where I wanted to be, and I did not want to return to the hard-knock life of being in the streets again. What could I do and how would I get there were the questions I asked myself daily? 

After countless hours of learning how to create a gaming company to no avail, I quickly learned that I did not have the capital or the means to try to figure out how to acquire the funding needed for the idea I need at the time. What I did learn would be life-changing and I was pretty good at it. Drum roll, please…. Web Development was a major key to my success because with the tools I learned about I was able to create something with little to no capital and so I did just that. The only drawback is I did not have a sure idea at the time. Remember I told you I had a record so getting a job was by far the hardest task to date. I had so many jobs at my fingertips to only do a background check and get tuned down. I was at an all-time low in my self-esteem. 

Until one day I get a call from the Albrecht Group it was an executive search firm in Cary, NC. Mr. Duley, I will never forget that wise old buzzard. He taught me so much about the manufacturing recruiting industry. He also saw things in me that I had not noticed myself. I did not mind working for him at all, I was very grateful for his kindness to help me out because nobody else had given me a chance. The favorite one-liner from all the hiring managers was, “You got the job, but we have to do a background check first” Then it was sorry Mr. Brewington we can’t hire you even though it was over seven years since I been in trouble for anything street related. 

Learning to Survive in Uncomfortable Situations

I was comfortable working at The Albrecht Group, but I wasn’t happy like I knew I would be if I had my own company and by then I had my drive back and wanted to be beyond successful. While working there I started to notice that they would not entertain clients below 50k, and it was like a light bulb went off in my head. By then I was still working on Radar Staffing in the background, but I promised I would not launch the company and he wanted me to run the Albrecht Group one day if I stayed working for him. Well, life is strange, and things happen in a weird way sometimes I promise you. He called me into his office about a year later and said, “Randy I heard that Radar Staffing is up and running” and I’m going to have to let you go because I can’t have that at all. He would not even let me plead my case and at that very moment I was out the door and on my own once again but with a plan and few good contacts this time around. 

The Birth of a New Company 

The birth of Radar Staffing was within weeks, and I promised that knowing what I know about how hard it is to get a job I would be the best Account Manager / Recruiter there is and one day the biggest Recruitment Firm in the world! Fast forward 9 years later Brewington Exec Group Inc. is here, and I have a new motivation for obtaining my goals. I am more in my zone with how I help my clients’ go about their strategy to obtain new talent and I am now more knowledgeable in the field. I have more added value I can bring to the table and I’m still standing on a strong foundation from my past. 

I look forward to you’ll helping me build my present and future endeavors normally I would not share such news but I’m defining my line in the sand and once again having faith that having a better understanding of who it is that you’re dealing with will encourage my new clients to jump on board knowing that I have you and your company’s best interest. I wholeheartedly love what I do on a daily basis and wake up every day with my heart and mind on how I can help somebody else obtain their goals! That’s a beautiful thing indeed! 

I look forward to the responses from this and I hope I was able to shed some light on who I am as a person! 

Randy Brewington – CEO of 

Brewington Exec Group Inc.

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