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Hiring With Diversity in Mind

For a business, having a diverse workforce often leads to increased innovation. And having people of different cultural backgrounds, ages, genders, and religions encourages teamwork, improves communication, and boosts employee motivation.

So where can business owners find a variety of talents to grow their ranks? Here are four groups of people that will make a business more diverse and inclusive: 

Local Freelancers 

With the advent of virtual platforms and online tools, you can find and hire freelancers from anywhere around the world, but consider looking in your own backyard and reaching out to the freelance talent available in your community: stay-at-home-parents, retirees, and part-time students can all become a strong and reliable asset for your business. There won’t be any language barriers to overcome, you’ll be working in the same time zone, and it will be easier to develop long-lasting working relationships with people you’re actually able to meet in person. Just like you, your local freelancers want to see their community thrive, and by providing them with a job, you’ll be giving back and helping your local economy. 

Workers With Disabilities 

Adding people with disabilities to your workforce can help your company be more innovative and come up with new concepts, designs, and strategies to make your products and services accessible for everyone. Think about making your office space ADA compliant from the start: having both employees and customers with disabilities in mind when your company is still brand new will save you money down the line since you won’t have to make costly renovations to meet ADA standards as you grow. Besides physical accessibility (provided by wheelchair ramps, elevators, accessible bathrooms, and height-adjustable office furniture), don’t forget to make digital accessibility a priority, and invest in technologies that allow visually-impaired and deaf or hard-of-hearing workers to perform their tasks, such as screen readers, dictation tools and other assistive technology tools. 


There are several reasons why retired military personnel make great employees: they are disciplined, have great leadership skills, know all about teamwork and cooperative effort, are used to performing under pressure, and many of them hold college degrees and have all the training and expertise needed to work for a civilian company. The veteran population is composed of people of all genders and races, and those ex-military have a lot to bring to the table in terms of cultural diversity and talent. Some of them have traveled around the globe and will bring a different perspective to an issue, leading your business to think outside the box and be more innovative. So reach out to veterans’ organizations, both in your community and online, to find your next hire

Senior Citizens 

Even after they retire, many people plan to keep working either full-time or part-time in order to stay active, avoid boredom, maintain social interactions and continue earning money. An older workforce has know-how and expertise that can greatly benefit your business. Retirees will rely on and share their previous experiences in the workplace, which may help your company steer clear of pitfalls and weather your business’s ups and downs. Senior citizens are also dependable, loyal, and trustworthy, and the maturity that comes with age makes them ideal recruits to interact with customers or work as part of a team. So look for older adults to join your ranks and share their wisdom with your company. 

A diverse workforce is a great asset for any business. Seeing things from different perspectives will help you be innovative and will give you a leg up on your competition. So think in terms of diversity when you’re looking to add members to your team. 

Whether you’re an employer searching for the best talent or a job seeker looking for your dream position, BrewingtonExecGroup.com will provide their clients with superior diversification within the workforce! So give them a call today at 984-900-1457.

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