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Contingency Search

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Contingency Search

Here at Brewington Exec Group we have adopted this model to show our clients that even though we are not brought on as an exclusive vendor for their recruitment needs. That we are still open to bringing a high level of attention to each position that we come across. Our recruitment process methodology is applied the same in every model that we adopted. This allows for our clients to see how we perform without requiring any additional funding to exercise our recruitment services and resources to provide an outstanding candidate that fits well within their culture. 

We embrace the level of competition in the contingent space as this opens the doors for our clients to get their roles fill expeditiously. Ultimately, we aim to have the same goal in mind as our client; as we understand the nature of the business. At Brewington Exec Group we use every opportunity to better position ourselves with our clients by showing that every opportunity does not require exclusivity for us to devote our attention in filling their hard to fill roles. 

The importance of our contingent service is to aim at better revealing the prompt necessity of utilizing our other core services for higher level opportunity as they arrive in the future! Below is a snapshot of Pros and Cons for entertaining Contingent search. 

  • Client can use multiple agencies simultaneously – no exclusivity. In reality, this is only a perceived pro, it is of no advantage to anyone involved in the process: not the client, not the candidate and not the agency.
  • Shorter timeframe
  • Lower fees that are paid only on success.
  • Offers good results for non-critical, junior to mid-level positions. 
  • When you partner multiple agents, your job search is not a priority – (How can it be? Agencies will focus on roles where conversion chances are high and not where they are up against multiple players with no guarantee of success)
  • High chances of discrepancies between your expectations and recruiter’s proposed candidates due to the limited time spent on really understanding (and challenging) the job description and the company’s needs.
  • A less structured search process focused on databases and job boards/ads to get candidates.
  • Increased work volume for hiring managers as you will need to go through all CVs coming from many different channels in addition to your own.
  • Missing out on an entire pool of talent as primarily only active candidates are pulled into the process.
  • No one really owns the process; Clients get too many non-relevant CVs.
  • Candidates don’t know who they should channel their CV through to get the best chance of it becoming visible to the company.
James Harvey
James Harvey
Randy Brewington is the very definition of an entrepreneur. I know very few people with his drive, thirst for success, and comprehensive knowledge of creating opportunities. Randy is a recruiting industry expert that brings strategic insight and leadership, which are instrumental to his success. He also posses a rare set of skills and experiences that span some of the most challenging industries in the talent acquisition field, including: metrics creation/management, strategic sourcing, and recruiting implementation. Randy brings all this together both professionally and personally with a human touch that is second to none. If you are presented with an opportunity to work with Randy – grab it!
Steve White
Steve White
Diversity Resource Staffing Inc.
Working with Randy always brings great results. I have gone to him on many occasions to assist me in filling some pretty difficult specialty positions and Randy has always provided strong quality candidates. He is reliable and great to work with.
Jennifer Coggins
Jennifer Coggins
Coggins Technical Associates
Randy is a wonderful Business Partner when it comes to JD Edwards and PeopleSoft he knows your skillset well and exacly how to place you before Clients where you can be of service to them and be happy. I've worked with Randy's Agency Arion Systems I would say since 2004 ocassionally when I was seeking Contracts. Randy would say this is for Jennifer and he would start looking for me because I'm one that will travel. I would say our latest venture is gathering development work GAAP Analysis on a Project together with 100 Black Business Men of Atlanta, Georgia. We talked about this in 2009 now 2010 is here and we are reaching out to the Communities in Georgia to be of service in the HCM Human Capital Managment area for these business men as well as creating work for the communities within Greater Atlanta, Georgia. So Randy Brewington at Arion Systems comes highly recommended. Jennifer Coggins-Kraus - CEO and Software Application Specialist.


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