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Executive Search

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Executive Search

Brewington Exec Group Specialize Executive Search process identifies top-level resources for our clients! We pull out all the stops when searching for a resource that has yet to be presented to the client. We entertain C-level Suites with a very delicate process while cultivating the best possible resources with acumen throughout every step of the process. This ensures our client does not waste any time in the process as we apply our executive search methodology. To experience this process firsthand here’s the steps we take to ensure the highest level of professionalism.

  • 1. Exclusive contract a must

    Brewington Exec Group requires a retainer and exclusive contract. This is our standard retained search contract that stipulates that we serve as the exclusive representative of the search for external and internal candidates. It also defines engagement timing, off-limits agreements, and other issues relevant to the assignment.

  • 2. Let's hold a lunch meeting

    We would like to meet the hiring executive and stakeholders to discuss the requirement for the role! Zoom will do as well given the current circumstances! 

    What do we take from this? 

    At Brewington Exec Group we like to witness firsthand the management style and corporate culture, which are essential to understanding what makes someone successful at our future client’s company.

  • 3. Creating Position & Candidate Specifications

    Let us expedite the process by drafting a description of the position, detailing its reporting relationships, responsibilities, and objectives. 

    We’d also handle the candidate specification details core competencies, preferred experience, and soft skills — the personal qualities that are sought in the ideal candidate.

  • 4. Research Time

    This is where we roll up our sleeves and develop a strategy of targeting companies most likely to yield a successful candidate, including the initial list of target companies. While our strategy considers the level and scope of comparable roles as well as other key data points: office location, corporate culture, and each company’s ranking. Let’s not forget companies that are off-limits are also delineated — companies out of which the Brewington Exec Group will not recruit due to sensitive client relationships or because the firm has client blockage. We have you covered!

  • 5. Conducting Original Research

    Our team is constantly on the job building out our strategy as a blueprint, conducting specialized research to identify and profile idea candidates, mapping the reporting relationships, and establishing our org charts to target teams. This recruitment process takes place online as we query our on-candidate pool as well from our database. Our recruitment team also has a dedicated network community that stretches across all major social media outlets to yield prospective candidates.

  • 6. Querying Sources

    At Brewington Exec Group our ability to network for candidate referrals and calibrations is what sets us apart in this critical stage of the process. A few of our sourcing methods include journalists, professional associations, and other relevant groups. Potential candidates that meet the requirements of the role are added to the initial list to be considered and evaluated by the recruitment team.

  • 7. Qualifying Candidates

    Our recruitment team contacts prospective candidates to determine whether they meet the primary requirements of the role and gathers details on the candidate’s motivations.

  • 8. Interviewing - Deep Dive

    This part of the hiring process is how we determine who’s bring added value to our client’s organization should they become part of the team. The recruitment team consultant interviews and evaluates top prospective candidates in a deep-dive interview that steps through the candidate’s career history. The executive search partner evaluates the candidate against the candidate specification through in-depth, in-person, or video-conference interviews. Amid taking great care not to jeopardize candidate confidentiality.

  • 9. Writing Candidate Profile

    For those candidates our executive recruitment team presents to the client, they prepare a written Candidate Profile that details the candidate’s education, career history, honors, and awards. Our report also serves as an analysis and appraisal of the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and appropriateness for the position.

  • 10. Presenting Candidates & Tracking Progress

    Our Executive Recruitment Team is very hands-on with our clients when presenting candidates at regular progress meetings. We’re always working closely with the client to refine a slate of 3 to 6 strong contenders that is considered to bring added value to the company. Client-candidate meetings are then scheduled.

  • 11. Scheduling Candidate Interviews

    Once the presentation of candidates has been reviewed. We encourage our clients to choose the best of the best which consists of 2 to 3 finalists.

  • 12. Checking References

    Brewington Exec Group Executive Recruitment Team checks the candidate’s references, contacting the contacts provided by the candidate as well as other sources available from our candidates’ reliable sources. We handle this part of the hiring process very seriously in order make every effort to ensure discretion and confidentiality. Verification of employment and academic credentials is often performed by our third-party services.  

  • 13. Extending The Offer

    When a final candidate is selected, our Account Manager works closely with the client and candidate to position the offer with the candidate, and to negotiate a package that is agreeable to both parties.

  • 14. Onboarding

    Our job is not finish as we work to the very end! Assisting with the onboarding process to expedite and help tie up any loose ends. Ensuring that the candidate knows where to report and who to report to. Assisting with the relocation if necessary and helping the candidate locate their new residency. Staying in touch with our candidate and the hiring manager through the first 30 days to ensure the transition process was a success.

James Harvey
James Harvey
Randy Brewington is the very definition of an entrepreneur. I know very few people with his drive, thirst for success, and comprehensive knowledge of creating opportunities. Randy is a recruiting industry expert that brings strategic insight and leadership, which are instrumental to his success. He also posses a rare set of skills and experiences that span some of the most challenging industries in the talent acquisition field, including: metrics creation/management, strategic sourcing, and recruiting implementation. Randy brings all this together both professionally and personally with a human touch that is second to none. If you are presented with an opportunity to work with Randy – grab it!
Steve White
Steve White
Diversity Resource Staffing Inc.
Working with Randy always brings great results. I have gone to him on many occasions to assist me in filling some pretty difficult specialty positions and Randy has always provided strong quality candidates. He is reliable and great to work with.
Jennifer Coggins
Jennifer Coggins
Coggins Technical Associates
Randy is a wonderful Business Partner when it comes to JD Edwards and PeopleSoft he knows your skillset well and exacly how to place you before Clients where you can be of service to them and be happy. I've worked with Randy's Agency Arion Systems I would say since 2004 ocassionally when I was seeking Contracts. Randy would say this is for Jennifer and he would start looking for me because I'm one that will travel. I would say our latest venture is gathering development work GAAP Analysis on a Project together with 100 Black Business Men of Atlanta, Georgia. We talked about this in 2009 now 2010 is here and we are reaching out to the Communities in Georgia to be of service in the HCM Human Capital Managment area for these business men as well as creating work for the communities within Greater Atlanta, Georgia. So Randy Brewington at Arion Systems comes highly recommended. Jennifer Coggins-Kraus - CEO and Software Application Specialist.


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